DG SERVICES has been cleaning windows for residents of your community and is part of the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce . We have cleaned countless of properties in Polk County. DG Services guarantees results to its clients and is insured and highly referred.

Your Help Will Make The World Better!

We make it a point to inform members of our community on how important it is to keep your windows cleaned. If you support us that'll support our efforts in spreading the word and keeping another business or residential property cleaned and well maintained.

These are few of the businesses that we have cleaned

Raising money to clean a business or place of residence for free.

DG Services is always looking for ways to support their community. With the money that you donate to us, we will use that money to clean a business or home for free.

We’re Helping People Keep Their Windows Cleaned.

Healthy Windows

Windows weaken overtime from being dirty. Keeping them cleaned will extend the life of your windows.

Better Insulation

Windows act as a wall between your house and the outside elements. If your windows are not well maintained mold and other bacteria will easily erode the frame of the window and start letting the outside elements inside your home or place of business.